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  • neutron sw16 power cables

    The Neutron SW16 Digital Power Cord Reviewed

    Marshall Nack of Positive-Feedback checks out the new Neutron SW16 Digital power cord in his system. The Neutron SW16 is Dynamic Design’s latest flagship Digital power cord embodying over 17 years of R&D and evolutionary innovation! Marshall was so enamored with the performance of the Neutron SW16 in his system that he proclaimed “The Neutron […]

  • Courtesy of Part Time Audiophile

    T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2016

    We’re back from T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2016! It was a fabulous show and we’re ecstatic to have participated with our partners, LampizatOr NA, Tidal Audio and, The Voice That Is. The system was absolutely stunning in its beauty and sonics with the help of Stillpoints, Telos Audio, Resolution Acoustics and, AnnaLyric Systems! The first […]

  • Challenger AE15 DPC Delivers

    Audio Ramblings – The Aurender N100H Music Streamer and More             Dave Clark, Editor for Positive Feedback Online writes about his experience with the Dynamic Design AV Challenger AE15 Digital power cord in his ultra-revealing system. Dave, as many others have, proclaimed the Challenger AE15 Digital power cord “…one of […]

  • Awards

    Dynamic Design AV wins Audio Oasis Award!

    Dynamic Design AV is extremely proud to receive this PFO Audio Oasis award for Axpona 2016. We are thankful to Dr. David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, of PFO for recognizing the great sound in our room and acknowledging the contribution of Dynamic Design AV and all the parties in the room! We’re also thankful to Doug White […]

  • 2016 Axpona Show

    2016 Axpona w/TVTI, Tidal, Aurender, Bricasti and Stillpoints.┬áThe system featured our new Neutron SW16 Digital power cord ($7500/1.5M) on the Bricasti M10 SP DAC($9995), the Challenger AE15 Digital power cord ($4000/1.5M) on the Aurender W20 ($17,600)and the new Heritage AE15 speaker cable ($10,000/2.5M) on the Tidal Agorias ($109,900/pr). This was the first showing for new […]

  • neutron sw16 power cables

    Neutron SW16 Digital Power Cord is Here!

    We’re proud to introduce the new Neutron SW16 Digital power cord, supplanting the renowned Challenger AE15 Digital power cord as the flagship of the Heritage series. The Neutron SW16 has been in development for about three years and represents a paradigm shift from all other Dynamic Design digital power cords that came before it! The […]

  • Welcome Toska Audio!

    Dynamic Design AV is very excited and proud to introduce Toska Audio of Mount Prospect, IL, as a new partner, where Dynamic Design products can be auditioned and purchased! Toska Audio is passionate and well versed in all that is high-end audio with great sounding displays that capture the essence of high performance replay of […]

  • Stereo Times Reviews the Ariel AE15!

    The review is in for the new Ariel AE15 Digital powe r cord! Bill Wells of Stereo Times rediscovers his favorite recordings with the Ariel AE15 Digital power cord “captur[ing] important musical cues (and nuances) contained in your favorite recordings that you were unaware of previously”. The Ariel AE15 Digital power cord features the same […]

  • Welcome “The Voice that is”

    Dynamic Design AV is proud and lucky to welcome “The Voice that is” to our family of discerning dealers, TVTI , out of Newtown Square, PA,┬áserving the Philadelphia, PA suburbs and the Tri-state area,┬árepresent our ideals and philosophies of products that work well together to heighten the music lovers’ listening experience by removing all impediments […]

  • Titania AE15 Debuts at 2015 RMAF

    “I’m always in awe of the fact I cannot detect nothing but music that comes by way of the Daedalus Ulysses V.2 ($16k) multi-driver loudspeaker. Like the Legacy Audio speakers, I just have a problem staring at multiple drivers thinking I can hear something out of sorts. But I cannot and am not ashamed to […]

  • Dynamic Design gets Best Sound Award at RMAF!

    Audio Circle’s Pez and Tyson select room 422 at the 2015 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest as one of the best sounding of the show! We thank them for this great honor and applaud the efforts and teamwork of all the partners in the room making this possible! The room featured Daedalus speakers & Accessories, Dynamic […]

  • Digital Power Cables

    New Ariel AE15 Digital Power Cord!

    Dynamic Design’s Titania series new Ariel AE15 Digital power cord is put through its paces by Bill Wells of Stereotimes in an upcoming review. Bill was amazed at what Dynamic Design’s new Ariel AE15 Digital power cord brought to bear in his system! According to Bill Wells, the Ariel AE15 Digital power cord unleashed an […]