New Standard in Cable Clarity!

A/V cables play a critical role in the ability of an audio/video system to emotionally connect us to the program. In their most fundamental role, they allow several components to work together to produce a sound and/or a picture, while in a more advanced role; they allow several components to emotionally move us by producing a realistic facsimile of an original event. Dynamic Design’s sole intent in designing audio and video cables is that they be utterly accurate in their delivery of electrical signals. Using Dynamic Design products in an accurate system will ensure the full realization of the intent of the program material. Dynamic Design products are high resolution products designed to deliver an emotionally charged experience when used in a high-resolution system. They feature advanced technologies and are rigorously tested for performance, durability and ease of use. They also undergo exhaustive listening tests by both Dynamic Design and impartial focus groups that ensure their superior performance in high-end systems.

Dynamic Design products represent a marked departure from the status quo and are un-compromising in their accuracy. They are designed as high-resolution instruments that let you see and hear more of the signal than is possible with competing brands. They are able to easily convey nuance, rhythm, harmonic structure and a true sense of reality as never thought possible. They allow all high-resolution systems to perform to their full potential by transmitting, totally, the true essence of a signal.