We love delivering unfiltered music!

Our mission is to design and build products that offer unmatched accuracy and continuously deliver the highest customer satisfaction!

At Dynamic Design we believe that high-end audio should be about the preservation and accurate reproduction of recorded music. Ideally a high end system consisting of high-end components, speakers and, cables should not alter recorded information, as a matter of fact, a high-end system should retrieve and reveal all the information embedded in recorded media in order to recreate the original recording event. If the recording microphones capture the whirring of the studio air conditioner or the rumble of a passing bus they should be part of the recreation of the original event. If a system is unable to retrieve such information then it cannot recreate the original recording and therefore should not be considered high-end.

We believe that for a high-end system to be able to recreate an original recorded event it must possess a low noise floor, natural instrumental timbres, outstanding clarity, realistic dynamic expression and, linear frequency response. These are the same factors that drive our design process, every product that we design must possess these factors, otherwise it is not a Dynamic Design product!

Dynamic Design’s chief designer, Olu Sonuga, has this to say about Dynamic Design and its product design process:

“Great care is taken during the recording process to insure that all the recorded information is an accurate representation of the live event. Playback systems entrusted with the task of reproducing these recordings must ideally do so without compromising or altering the recorded information. Any variations from the original recording, whether pleasing or not, is distortion! Our products are designed, when used in a neutral and wide bandwidth system, to retrieve/transmit and not alter the original recorded information thereby preserving the true intent of the recording engineers and musicians. To accomplish our mission we develop and use innovative materials and processes as outlined in our design page.”
Olu Sonuga