At Dynamic Design AV, we believe that the path to audio nirvana lies in the reduction or, better yet, the elimination of distortions from the production and reproduction chain. We design for this when developing our cables for use in high performance audio systems. Transmitting/receiving high integrity signals means that the intent and essence of the original recorded event is delivered intact with zero editorializing. Systems that deviate from this ideal compromise the integrity of the original recording artists’ intent.

Dynamic Design cables are designed with the same philosophy of ultra-low distortion, innovative materials and technologies are utilized to achieve the ultimate signal accuracy.

All of our products feature:

  • High purity Bi-Metal conductors – For maximum conductivity of audio signal transmission
  • Advanced phase accurate insulation systems – For high integrity audio signal transmission
  • High density high efficiency shielding systems – For ultra-wide bandwidth protection from noise and crosstalk
  • Dynamic Shielding technology – For astonishing shielding performance and improved audio signal speed


Heritage Series


The Heritage Series offers a significant glimpse of what’s possible at the “state of the art” category, its design closely mirrors that of our cost-no-object Nebula Series. It offers a full expression of our most advanced materials, processes and technologies. The best way to describe the performance of the Heritage Series is that it is an incredibly open window into the music, all areas of audio performance are served with precision, vividness, elegance, naturalness, dynamics and power. The Heritage Series will transform the performance of your system into a living and breathing emotional experience!


Titania Series


The Titania Series bridges the gap between the Heritage Series and the affordable Lotus Series. Its design criteria and performance goals mirror that of the Heritage Series, so it’s more of a less expensive version of the Heritage Series than a higher performance Lotus Series. It utilizes, essentially, the same materials, processes and, technologies as the Heritage Series. It’s a natural, detailed, tactile and nuanced design that delivers tremendous insight into your favorite recordings! Its wide-bandwidth performance is an asset to all well-designed high-performance systems.


Lotus Series


The Lotus Series may be the “baby” of our line of products but it packs quite a performance punch. Its design goals are the same as its more expensive stablemates. Its materials and processes are identical to that of its stablemates, only sacrificing in the absence of our more advanced shielding technologies. Its wide-bandwidth performance is absolutely world-class, offering a reference quality open window into your recorded media. It delivers a linear, extended, dynamic and powerful performance that fully reveal the design aspirations of your components!

Interconnects & Digital Cables

Our interconnects are designed using high quality and innovative materials and processes so they deliver the least signal distortion between connected components. Their performance will be modulated by the quality of the transmitting component, so we recommend using our specially designed wide bandwidth power cords on all components in order to fully realize the true benefits of our interconnects.

Speaker Cables

Our speaker cables are designed for ultra-wide bandwidth performance, so all the information received from the amplifier are relayed to the loudspeakers with the utmost accuracy and fidelity! From the lowest lows to the highest highs, they will enhance the performance of the amplifier/speaker interface so favorite recordings will take on a realism that was heretofore unattainable in-home audio systems!

Power Cords (Analog)

Our analog power cords are all designed for both high and low current applications. The conductors are all rated for a minimum of 40 amps at 120 volts. They deliver ultra-wide bandwidth performance that allow components to perform at the highest level, utilizing sophisticated high-density shields and low loss high temperature insulation systems. They deliver power with ultra-low noise, incredible clarity, stunning dynamics and natural musical timbres, we believe that using our award-winning power cords is a must to get the best from our interconnects and speaker cables!

Power Cords (Digital)

Our award-winning digital power cords are state of the art in their design and performance for digital and low current analog components; they establish an ultra-low noise foundation that allow all components to perform at their best. They feature our advanced, low impedance shielding system that provides unparalleled protection from both internal and external interference. They also feature our MLIS™ insulation system that is designed to deliver all the available current to your components with minimal phase distortion. They are a must for any digital based system to reach its zenith!

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