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Dynamic Design AV wins Audio Oasis Award!


Dynamic Design AV is extremely proud to receive this PFO Audio Oasis award for Axpona 2016. We are thankful to Dr. David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, of PFO for recognizing the great sound in our room and acknowledging the contribution of Dynamic Design AV and all the parties in the room! We’re also thankful to Doug White of TVTI, our host, for his generosity and confidence in our ability to deliver outstanding performance in such a great, well thought out system! We will always cherish this award and use it as motivation to continue to deliver cutting edge performance in our products.

The system featured our new Neutron SW16 Digital power cord on the Bricasti DAC, the new Heritage AE15 speaker cables on the Tidal Agoria speakers and, the Challenger AE15 Digital power cord on the the Aurender W20 music server. The new Neutron SW16 Digital power cord slots above the Challenger AE15 Digital power cord in our Heritage series. It features bigger high purity silver and copper conductors than the Challenger AE15 plus a new geometric lay of the conductors that reduces coupling capacitance in the cable and, our flagship Dynamic Shielding technology. All these result in better performance overall with a lower noise floor, better density of image, better extension at frequency extremes and; powerful, explosive dynamics. The new Heritage AE15 speaker cables utilize our ultra-low loss MLIS insulation system over specially arrayed high purity conductors and our Dynamic Shielding technology. They deliver a totally open and see thru performance coupled with discreet soundstage mapping that transport the listener to the original recording venue!

The sound in the room was extremely relaxed and inviting, the soundstage size and the placement of instruments were stunningly precise and airy. Instrumental timbres were realistic and tactile rendering images with incredible “reach out and touch them” sensation! Low end power and dynamics were ultra-fast and impactful lending a solidity to the proceedings that anchored images to their own space within the well lit soundstage!