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New Review of Lotus GS Series Cables Drops!

Spirit GS5

A new review of Lotus Series cables, by Mark Pearson of Positive-Feedback Online, hits the web, the first Lotus Series review since 2011 when Russell Lichter of Stereo Times put a Lotus Type SE cable system through its paces! The Lotus GS (Golden Standard) Series cables represent the most current iteration of the venerable Lotus Series two generations removed from the Lotus TSE Series.

The Lotus GS Series cables are available as interconnects, digital cables, power cords and speaker cables. The series utilizes the latest versions of DD’s high performance multi-layer insulation systems and ultra-wide bandwidth shields!

The Lotus GS Series cables are reference quality cables that transmit musical signals with utmost clarity, phase integrity, relaxed natural dynamics, ultra-wide bandwidth frequency extension, explosive speed and supernova level power! Try them in your system for a riveting and revelatory musical experience!