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Dynamic Design Cables Win TAS 2021 ECA!

Dynamic Design Cables win the prestigious The Absolute Sound 2021 Editors’ Choice Awards! Thank you to Neil Gader and The Absolute Sound for bestowing Dynamic Design Cables with this highly coveted award for our Lotus and Titania Series cables that deliver the ultimate low distortion performance!

Titania Series

The Titania Series bridges the gap between the Heritage Series and the affordable Lotus Series. Its design criteria and performance goals mirror that of the Heritage Series, so it’s more of a less expensive version of the Heritage Series than a higher performance Lotus Series. It utilizes, essentially, the same materials, processes and, technologies as the Heritage Series. It’s a natural, detailed, tactile and nuanced design that delivers tremendous insight into your favorite recordings! Its wide-bandwidth performance is an asset to all well-designed high-performance systems.

Price starting at $2000.

 Lotus Series

The Lotus Series may be the “baby” of our line of products, but it packs quite a performance punch. Its design goals are the same as its more expensive stablemates. Its materials and processes are identical to that of its stablemates, only sacrificing in the absence of our more advanced shielding technologies. Its wide-bandwidth performance is absolutely world-class, offering a reference quality open window into your recorded media. It delivers a linear, extended, dynamic and powerful performance that fully reveal the design aspirations of your components!

Price starting at $1000.