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Dynamic Design gets Best Sound Award at RMAF!

Audio Circle’s Pez and Tyson select room 422 at the 2015 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest as one of the best sounding of the show! We thank them for this great honor and applaud the efforts and teamwork of all the partners in the room making this possible!

The room featured Daedalus speakers & Accessories, Dynamic Design cabling, ModWright sources, Purity Audio amplification and AnnaLyric power conditioning. Dynamic Design’s Titania AE15 cables delivered incredible performance hooked up to all the gear in the room, allowing them to speak in one voice. the new Ariel AE15 Digital power cords on all digital gear, Titania AE15 power cords on all the rest and, interconnects & speaker cables were also Titania AE15 series!

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