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LAAS 2017 Best of Show Award

LAAS 2017 The voice that is
LAAS Room 509

John Stancavage of Part-Time Audiophile awards “The Voice That Is” room, shared by Dynamic Design cables and Tidal electronics, a “Best of Show” award. He declared that this was one of the top sounding rooms at LAAS 2017!

Dynamic Design AV  showcased our 2018 line-up of our new complete Heritage series line at the recent LAAS 2017 show in Los Angeles with our host and premier dealer “The Voice That Is“. The system included our Heritage XLR interconnects ($8,800/1.0M), Heritage speaker cables ($10,000/2.5M), Heritage power cables ($6,000/1.5M), the world renowned, Neutron SW16 Digital power cable ($7,500/1.5M) and the new Heritage S/PDIF digital cable ($3,000/1.0M). The system also featured an Aurender N10 music server ($8,500); TW-Acustic Raven GT turntable and 10.5 tonearm ($12,000); and, the gorgeous Tidal Contriva G2 loudspeakers ($65,000/pr) with optional Ebony Maccassa veneer finish, the rock solid Impulse stereo amplifier ($32,500) and, the loaded Preos D preamp ($37,000). Stillpoints ESS rack($12,500) and Ultra 6 footers ($999 each) were also featured in the room.

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The performance of this beautiful system, especially late Saturday through Sunday, was ethereal and awe-inspiring. With Hubble-like clarity, stunning speed, awesome dynamics, incredible ambient resolution and,  sledgehammer power. The sound was so well coordinated that it formed an airy, breathing 3-D soundscape that morphed continuously with each recording. Timbre was spot-on and instruments were surrounded by their own space, easily delineating their placement within the soundstage.

The host, “The Voice That Is” (TVTI), put together an incredible demonstration that resulted in standing room only all weekend long with showgoers visibly moved by the mind-blowing experience listening in room 509 was at LAAS 2017! This is the typical reaction to rooms setup by the very capable Doug White of TVTI.

Olu Sonuga & Bill Artope of Dynamic Design attended and Doug White of TVTI was present.  The teamwork displayed in the room resulted in the harmonious coming together of the different brands and personalities to speak in one sweet voice all weekend long.

The sound in the room was impressive, with stunning clarity; pitch perfect tonality; incredible micro and macro dynamics; and the best bass performance I’ve ever heard at a show, there was total room lock on the Gregory Porter – “Holding On” track. It was truly an experience to behold! All genres of music were also well served and presented, the system produced an immersive and emotional connection to the music and that’s as it should be in a high-end audio system!