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Neutron SW16 Makes Appearance in Portland

Neutron SW16 Digital Power Cord
Neutron SW16 Digital Power Cord

Dr. David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, of Positive Feedback introduces the Neutron SW16 Digital power cord into his reference system. The Neutron SW16’s extraordinary performance warranted a write up, per Dr. David, where others have failed to elicit such an honor! In comparisons with his reference power cords, Dr. David discovered that the it “was definitely in the front rank” by virtue of its unique performance envelope in his system.

See Dr. David’s write up here

The Neutron SW16’s innovative materials, technologies and, processes are without peer, pushing it to the pinnacle of digital power cords! With state-of-the-art design and build quality the Neutron SW16’s dielectrics conductors and, shielding represent a profound advancement compared to what is available today in the industry:

Cable dielectrics should be terrible conductors of electrical signals; the worse they are the better the cable performance. Storing and the subsequent releasing of the signal create distortions that adversely affect the performance of a cable. The air impregnated, multi-layer combined with a film type insulation system in the Neutron SW16 delivers a charge storage of just a mere 0.3 more than a perfect vacuum. This results in a velocity of propagation of 95% the speed of light, reducing signal smearing to a minimum with superb phase linearity!

The pervasiveness of noise around today’s audio systems demand a full commitment to protecting the audio signal, by designing efficient and effective shields. Mere twisting of conductors regardless of geometries is not adequate to protect from the myriad and complex types of noise bombarding our systems. The Neutron SW16 features a special twisting geometry and multiple shield types that are layered in a proprietary sequence to deliver ultra wide-bandwidth protection well into the gigahertz range. This results in 100% shield coverage, over -95db shielding effectiveness and ultra-fast propagation speed!

The Neutron SW16 utilizes massive 99.9999% high purity copper and silver stranded conductors that are specially treated to maximize conductivity and power handling. The conductors are twisted in a complex and intricate array ensuring maximum isolation from cross-talk and reduced coupling capacitance.

The Neutron SW16 is available for audition, use the contact form below to start the process or to request more information.