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Dynamic Design award-winning digital power cables, in a well-designed and balanced system, will float images that are devoid of boundaries, wrapping around you with a strong sense of 3-D dimensionality, incredibly wide bandwidth frequency response and, stunning acoustical cues that put you right in the middle of the performance. Our digital power cables are designed to get out of the way of your components so your music can soar to new heights and beyond.

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Dynamic Design digital power cords are specifically designed to work with digital gear by providing ultra-wide bandwidth protection from both radiated and transmitted noise. They are also designed to reduce crosstalk within the cable assembly.

Build Features

MLIS™ (Multi-Layered Insulation System) that offer high propagation speeds as a result of extremely low dielectric constants. Insulators do a lot more than prevent the shorting of conductors, they also affect signal transmission speed and distortion. Poor insulators can leach the signal from the conductors, becoming conductors themselves and releasing the leached or stored signal out of phase of the original signal. This causes smearing and other distortions that change the signal relative to the recorded media. Dynamic Design insulators are designed to leach none of the signal transmitted by the conductors resulting in impeccable phase accuracy that renders music with stunning clarity, image focus, speed, natural instrumental timbres and dynamic agility.

HPBM™ (High Purity Bi-Metal) conductors combine the characteristics of complementary metals for maximum conductivity and linear frequency response. Dynamic Design’s HPBM conductors utilize a number of metals in alloy form with high purity Silver, alloyed with many other metals to create conductors with high conductivity and linear spectral signatures. These in turn deliver smooth frequency response that does not favor any frequency over another.

UMLS™ (Unitized Multi-Layer Shielding) technology for ultra-wide bandwidth protection from noise. With noise dominating at higher frequencies, a well-designed shielding system offers more resolution at all frequencies as well as increasing the usable bandwidth of a system. Our Unitized Multi-Layer Shields use two or more shields arrayed concentrically for more uniform coverage and unparalleled wide bandwidth protection from noise. Our UMLS™ technology reduces coupling capacitance between adjacent conductors as well as reducing the total cable capacitance. It also improves signal speeds by up to 38% compared to standard shielding methods with superior delay and slew rate (low rise times) characteristics. It delivers more realistic dynamic transients, acoustical cues and attack and decay characteristics. UMLS™ as implemented in Dynamic Design products offer extension well into the GHz frequencies for a resolute and non-fatiguing wide bandwidth performance.

HST™ (Hybrid Shielding Technology) combines two or more different types of shields for even greater shielding effectiveness over a wider bandwidth. The often-used braided shields are more effective for fighting RFI noise than at combating EMI noise, our HST™ utilizes both a tightly braided shield and a special EMI shield for ultra-wide bandwidth performance and extremely low noise floor.

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Digital Power Cables

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