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Titania Series Wins Product of The Decade Award!

We are so proud and ecstatic that our Titania Series cables were awarded this momentous award by! “Dynamic Design Titania Titania Speaker Cable ($5,200 1.5 meter pair) and XLR Interconnects ($3,600 1 meter pair): This small Chicago-based company continues to be my favorite cable company for going on 17 years now. They produce some of the very best audio cables available and compete with anything available.  The build quality and parts selection are first-rate and all Dynamic Design offerings are very pleasing to the eye.  The Titania Series is very neutral, dynamic and detailed.  The Titania cables will let you hear what your equipment is doing in the audio chain and present your music selections as they were meant to be heard without adding any character of its own.  The Titania really goes a long way towards getting out of the way and letting you enjoy your music.” (Mike Wright).