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T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2016

Courtesy of Part Time Audiophile

We’re back from T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2016! It was a fabulous show and we’re ecstatic to have participated with our partners, LampizatOr NA, Tidal Audio and, The Voice That Is. The system was absolutely stunning in its beauty and sonics with the help of Stillpoints, Telos Audio, Resolution Acoustics and, AnnaLyric Systems!

The first few days were a struggle, as the system hadn’t yet settled, but finally came into its own on Saturday. It was the best sound we’d achieved in show conditions till now, stunning transparency and clarity; incredible dynamics and power, beguiling presence and naturalness (especially with Blue Coast Records hi-res recordings) and, ever-changing (based on recording data) soundscape that was amazingly deep, finely layered and upfront!

The system at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2016 consisted of the LampizatOr Komputer music server and Golden Gate DAC; the gorgeous Tidal Audio Contriva G2 speakers, the Impulse dual-mono amplifier and, the Preos-D Pre-amplifier; Dynamic Design’s Neutron SW16 Digital power cords, Heritage series interconnects, digital cables, power cords and, speaker cables; Stillpoints loaned us their ESS rack, Aperture panels and footers; Resolution Acoustics supplied room treatment panels from their Foundation series and, AnnaLyric Systems supplied their AC-6 AC conditioner.

All the partners in the worked well together and selflessly to make the room a big success! Doug White of Tidal Audio & The Voice that is, Bill Artope & Olu Sonuga of Dynamic Design AV, Fred Ainsley Jr. and Robert Reich of LampizatOr NA were all up to the challenge and proved that more heads are better than one. We look forward to more future collaborations.

Cookie Marenco and her all-stars from Blue Coast Records also helped the room sound great by generously providing stunningly recorded hi-res DSD files for playback in our room. Cookie and her crew graced us with their presence in the room offering valuable feedback and praise for the sound in the room. We thank Cookie, Meghan Andrews, Valerie Joyce, Nick Phillips, Alex De Grassi, Jenni Maybee and, Marco for lending us their ears and for acknowledging their music was portrayed accurately in the room! T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2016 was rousing success for room 419!!!

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