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Challenger AE15 DPC Delivers

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Dave Clark, Editor for Positive Feedback Online writes about his experience with the Dynamic Design AV Challenger AE15 Digital power cord in his ultra-revealing system. Dave, as many others have, proclaimed the Challenger AE15 Digital power cord “…one of the best cords I have ever used… period.” It continues to blow away all that have heard it on digital gear, establishing itself as the “go to” power cord for unleashing the true potential of digital recordings!

This award-winning, digital only, power cord delivers awe-inspiring performance on digital gear starting with unparalleled clarity, speed, power and, retrieval of spatial information from digitally recorded media. All recorded information is rendered in full relief, transporting the listener to the original recorded event. From its advanced, cutting-edge, multi-layer dielectrics and resonance dampening technology to its unprecedented shielding coverage and efficiency, it delivers an ultra-low noise floor, bringing favorite recordings to life.

The Challenger AE15 DPC was able to elevate the performance of Dave’s system to such a great degree that he wished he had more of it in his system! Every single digital component will benefit with the addition of the Challenger AE15 DPC into the mix, recordings will emanate from an ultra-quiet background, revealing all the glorious details that other power cords skim over!