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  • Titania Series Wins Product of The Decade Award!

    We are so proud and ecstatic that our Titania Series cables were awarded this momentous award by! “Dynamic Design Titania Titania Speaker Cable ($5,200 1.5 meter pair) and XLR Interconnects ($3,600 1 meter pair): This small Chicago-based company continues to be my favorite cable company for going on 17 years now. They produce some of the very best […]

  • Bill Wells Reviews the new Titania GS Series. reviewer, Bill Wells, puts the new Titania GS (Golden Standard) series power cords and speaker cables through their paces in his highly revealing system. Bill reviewed the Ariel GS digital power cord along with the Titania GS analog power cords and, the Titania GS Speaker cables as a system, the recommended way to experience […]

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    Neutron SW16 “more open” proclaims Mike Fremer

    Premier audio reviewer, Michael Fremer of Stereophile magazine recently spent time with our Neutron SW16 Digital power cord in his system. Mike reviewed the new Brinkmann Nyquist DAC and declared it “more open, crystalline sound proved the ideal match for the Nyquist.” The Neutron SW16 concept is a culmination of 17 years of design and […]

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    Dynamic Design Cables win 2017 TAS Award!

    We’re very excited that The Absolute Sound (TAS), the premier high-end audio publication, has awarded several Dynamic Design cables the esteemed 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards. Our Challenger AE15, Lotus AE15 power cables, Titania Interconnects and, Titania speaker cables were awarded this prestigious honor! It is always gratifying when our design philosophies and execution are acknowledged […]

  • Neutron SW16 wins Prestigious Brutus Award

    Dynamic  Design’s Neutron SW16 Digital power cord wins the prestigious and highly coveted Positive-Feedback 2016 Brutus Award, the highest award that can be bestowed by Positive-Feedback! We are so proud and grateful to the PF Editor-in-Chief, Dr. David Robinson, for the award, it means a lot to us. This award validates our efforts in designing […]

  • Neutron SW16 Makes Appearance in Portland

    Dr. David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, of Positive Feedback introduces the Neutron SW16 Digital power cord into his reference system. The Neutron SW16’s extraordinary performance warranted a write up, per Dr. David, where others have failed to elicit such an honor! In comparisons with his reference power cords, Dr. David discovered that the it “was definitely in […]

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    The Neutron SW16 Digital Power Cord Reviewed

    Marshall Nack of Positive-Feedback checks out the new Neutron SW16 Digital power cord in his system. The Neutron SW16 is Dynamic Design’s latest flagship Digital power cord embodying over 17 years of R&D and evolutionary innovation! Marshall was so enamored with the performance of the Neutron SW16 in his system that he proclaimed “The Neutron […]

  • Challenger AE15 DPC Delivers

    Audio Ramblings – The Aurender N100H Music Streamer and More             Dave Clark, Editor for Positive Feedback Online writes about his experience with the Dynamic Design AV Challenger AE15 Digital power cord in his ultra-revealing system. Dave, as many others have, proclaimed the Challenger AE15 Digital power cord “…one of […]

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    Neutron SW16 Digital Power Cord is Here!

    We’re proud to introduce the new Neutron SW16 Digital power cord, supplanting the renowned Challenger AE15 Digital power cord as the flagship of the Heritage series. The Neutron SW16 has been in development for about three years and represents a paradigm shift from all other Dynamic Design digital power cords that came before it! The […]

  • Stereo Times Reviews the Ariel AE15!

    The review is in for the new Ariel AE15 Digital powe r cord! Bill Wells of Stereo Times rediscovers his favorite recordings with the Ariel AE15 Digital power cord “captur[ing] important musical cues (and nuances) contained in your favorite recordings that you were unaware of previously”. The Ariel AE15 Digital power cord features the same […]

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    New Ariel AE15 Digital Power Cord!

    Dynamic Design’s Titania series new Ariel AE15 Digital power cord is put through its paces by Bill Wells of Stereotimes in an upcoming review. Bill was amazed at what Dynamic Design’s new Ariel AE15 Digital power cord brought to bear in his system! According to Bill Wells, the Ariel AE15 Digital power cord unleashed an […]