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Titania Series wins TAS Editors’ Choice Award

Dynamic Design Titania series interconnects and speaker cables bestowed a 2020 The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice award! The Titania series cables continue to win major industry awards for their excellent performance that enables high performance audio systems to fulfil their full potential! We are proud and grateful for the recognition bestowed on this magnificent line of cables!

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Titania Series Wins Product of The Decade Award!

We are so proud and ecstatic that our Titania Series cables were awarded this momentous award by! “Dynamic Design Titania Titania Speaker Cable ($5,200 1.5 meter pair) and XLR Interconnects ($3,600 1 meter pair): This small Chicago-based company continues to be my favorite cable company for going on 17 years now. They produce some of the very best audio cables available and compete with anything available.  The build quality and parts selection are first-rate and all Dynamic Design offerings are very pleasing to the eye.  The Titania Series is very neutral, dynamic and detailed.  The Titania cables will let you hear what your equipment is doing in the audio chain and present your music selections as they were meant to be heard without adding any character of its own.  The Titania really goes a long way towards getting out of the way and letting you enjoy your music.” (Mike Wright). 

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Bill Wells Reviews the new Titania GS Series.

Titania GS Power Cord reviewer, Bill Wells, puts the new Titania GS (Golden Standard) series power cords and speaker cables through their paces in his highly revealing system. Bill reviewed the Ariel GS digital power cord along with the Titania GS analog power cords and, the Titania GS Speaker cables as a system, the recommended way to experience the full effect of Dynamic Design cables in a system.

Bill came away very impressed with the performance of the Titania GS series cables, proclaiming them one of the best ever to grace his system!

Click link below for full review:–titania-ac-cords-and-speaker-cables/

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Dynamic Design Cables Receive TAS 2019 ECA Awards!

A stable of Dynamic Design cables receive the highly coveted Editors’ Choice Awards from The Absolute Sound, a premier High-end audio publication in 2019.

The Titania Series interconnects and speaker cables, the Lotus power cord and, the AnnaLyric Systems PC-1 power cord all received the Editors’ Choice Awards for product excellence and superb performance for the third year in a row!

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Neutron SW16 in PTA 2018 Buyers Guide!

Part-Time Audiophile chose the Dynamic Design Neutron SW16 Digital power cord as one of the best additions to significantly improve system performance.

The Neutron SW16 DPC makes digital components soar!

The Neutron SW16 supplies super clean power to low current digital systems utilizing super fast dielectrics and high efficiency shields!

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Neutron SW16 DPC Wins Award in China

neutron sw16 power cables
Neutron SW16 Digital Power Cord

Chinese premium audio site, bestows an award to the Neutron SW16 Digital power cord! The award was bestowed on the basis of superlative performance, high build quality and, design aesthetics and appearance.

“… the sound of the Neutron SW16 is grand, the notes are very full, thick and quite dense and heavy. At the same time, compared with the Kama EEXS-1A, the background is more stable, without any roughness, and the sound is more open and bright. Gilers’s piano sound is quite pure. In the I saw him once in the tragic world, after changing to the Neutron SW16, there was a feeling of suddenly turning the lights on in the dark room to illuminate the stage.

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