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Coming Soon: The new Constellation Series!

Coming in 2024 are the new Constellation Vero Edition (VE) series cables! The Constellation VE series cables replace the recently discontinued Lotus GS series cables. The all-new Constellation VE series represent a major leap in performance compared to the Lotus series, with new architecture derived from the upcoming Nebula series cables. Revised conductor topology, latest version of our super low storage insulation system and improved implementation of our multi-layer shielding systems are some of the improvements embodied ib the new series The Constellation VE series include RCA and XLR interconnects; digital S/PDIF, AES3 and BNC clock cables; banana and spade speaker cables; analog and the new Voyager VE digital power cords.

Look for the new Constellation VE series cables on the website soon!

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New Review of Lotus GS Series Cables Drops!

Spirit GS5

A new review of Lotus Series cables, by Mark Pearson of Positive-Feedback Online, hits the web, the first Lotus Series review since 2011 when Russell Lichter of Stereo Times put a Lotus Type SE cable system through its paces! The Lotus GS (Golden Standard) Series cables represent the most current iteration of the venerable Lotus Series two generations removed from the Lotus TSE Series.

The Lotus GS Series cables are available as interconnects, digital cables, power cords and speaker cables. The series utilizes the latest versions of DD’s high performance multi-layer insulation systems and ultra-wide bandwidth shields!

The Lotus GS Series cables are reference quality cables that transmit musical signals with utmost clarity, phase integrity, relaxed natural dynamics, ultra-wide bandwidth frequency extension, explosive speed and supernova level power! Try them in your system for a riveting and revelatory musical experience!

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Titania Series wins TAS Editors’ Choice Award

Dynamic Design Titania series interconnects and speaker cables bestowed a 2020 The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice award! The Titania series cables continue to win major industry awards for their excellent performance that enables high performance audio systems to fulfil their full potential! We are proud and grateful for the recognition bestowed on this magnificent line of cables!

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Dynamic Design Cables win 2017 TAS Award!

dynamic design cables

We’re very excited that The Absolute Sound (TAS), the premier high-end audio publication, has awarded several Dynamic Design cables the esteemed 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards. Our Challenger AE15, Lotus AE15 power cables, Titania Interconnects and, Titania speaker cables were awarded this prestigious honor! It is always gratifying when our design philosophies and execution are acknowledged and bestowed the highest industry honors for product design excellence and performance!

TAS had this to say about the combination of the Challenger AE15 Digital and Lotus AE15 power cables:

 “Commemorating its 15th Anniversary, the AE15 Lotus Analog is designed for high-power components, the Heritage Series AE15 Challenger Digital for low-power or source components. This superb combination exhibits an openness, harmonic ease, and lack of constriction that effectively permits it to disappear from the soundspace. Its overall character has a neutral-to-warm glow, but with a bolder, slightly more forward sound that physicalizes
images and sculpts their boundaries.” NG, 245

TAS also had this to say about the combination of the new Titania Interconnects and speaker cables:

“An extrovert, the spirited Titania [combo] has a more forward, cooler presentation but its presence, dynamic energy, and bass response are electrifying. Sheer power, colorful timbre, and transient speed are its strong suits. As a general observation, its soundstage is a little more proximate, and doesn’t quite match the dimensionality of NG’s reference cable. Still, it is one of the more purely exciting and toe-tapping cables in recent memory.” NG, 269

All Dynamic Design cables utilize innovative and cutting edge materials and technologies in our designs. These in-turn deliver the most accurate reproduction, within a high performance system, of the original recorded event! All Dynamic Design cables are available for in-home audition through our In-Home Audition Program (IHAP) that let potential customers experience the performance of our products in the familiarity of their own systems and environment. Contact us today to audition our award-winning cables in your own system!