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  • Titania Series wins TAS Editors’ Choice Award

    Dynamic Design Titania series interconnects and speaker cables bestowed a 2020 The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice award! The Titania series cables continue to win major industry awards for their excellent performance that enables high performance audio systems to fulfil their full potential! We are proud and grateful for the recognition bestowed on this magnificent line […]

  • Titania Series Wins Product of The Decade Award!

    We are so proud and ecstatic that our Titania Series cables were awarded this momentous award by! “Dynamic Design Titania Titania Speaker Cable ($5,200 1.5 meter pair) and XLR Interconnects ($3,600 1 meter pair): This small Chicago-based company continues to be my favorite cable company for going on 17 years now. They produce some of the very best […]

  • Dynamic Design wins award at 2018 Axpona!

    Dynamic Design cables win the prestigious “Audio Oasis” award at the 2018 Axpona show. The also featured TVTI, Tidal Audio electronics and speakers, Antipodes music server, TW Acustic turntable/arm, Transfiguration Cartridge and Stillpoints. The room was hosted by premier dealer Doug White of The Voice That Is! The Audio Oasis award is bestowed on the […]

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    LAAS 2017 Audio Oasis Award

      Dr. David Robinson, Editor-In-Chief at Positive-Feedback bestows the much sought after Audio Oasis award to “The Voice That Is” (TVTI) room 509, shared by TVTI, Dynamic Design cables and Tidal electronics. The Audio Oasis award validates room 509 as one of the top sounding rooms at LAAS 2017! We are very proud to receive […]

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    LAAS 2017 Best of Show Award

    John Stancavage of Part-Time Audiophile awards “The Voice That Is” room, shared by Dynamic Design cables and Tidal electronics, a “Best of Show” award. He declared that this was one of the top sounding rooms at LAAS 2017! Dynamic Design AV  showcased our 2018 line-up of our new complete Heritage series line at the recent […]

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    Axpona 2017 Audio Oasis Award

    Dynamic Design and partners at Axpona 2017 awarded the prestigious Audio Oasis award by Dr. David Robinson of Positive-Feedback. We are very grateful for this award as it recognizes the team’s contributions to deliver excellent sound at Axpona 2017! Not only did the room feature great gear and speakers it also featured heavyweight participants. The […]

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    Axpona 2017 – Another Award

    Julie Mullins of “The Absolute Sound” also declares room 342 the best sounding room at the Axpona 2017 Expo! Julie described the sound in the room as “Smooth as silk, yet rich in dimensionality, definition (even in its deep bass), and dynamic range. This system was simply beautiful in its blend of verisimilitude, swiftness, and […]

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    Dynamic Design & partners win best sound

    Jonathan Valin of industry leading publication “The Absolute Sound” declares room 342, with Tidal Audio’s awesome Akira loudspeakers, the best sounding room at the 2017 Axpona show! Click Here for Jonathan’s show coverage. Not only did the room feature great gear and speakers it also featured heavyweight participants. The room featured the world renowned Dynamic Design Neutron […]

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    Dynamic Design Cables win 2017 TAS Award!

    We’re very excited that The Absolute Sound (TAS), the premier high-end audio publication, has awarded several Dynamic Design cables the esteemed 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards. Our Challenger AE15, Lotus AE15 power cables, Titania Interconnects and, Titania speaker cables were awarded this prestigious honor! It is always gratifying when our design philosophies and execution are acknowledged […]

  • Neutron SW16 wins Prestigious Brutus Award

    Dynamic  Design’s Neutron SW16 Digital power cord wins the prestigious and highly coveted Positive-Feedback 2016 Brutus Award, the highest award that can be bestowed by Positive-Feedback! We are so proud and grateful to the PF Editor-in-Chief, Dr. David Robinson, for the award, it means a lot to us. This award validates our efforts in designing […]

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    Dynamic Design wins coveted Audio Oasis Award

      Dr. David Robinson, Editor-in-chief of Positive Feedback bestows the prestigious Audio Oasis award for sonic excellence to Dynamic Design and partners at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2016! The Audio Oasis Award is coveted by all exhibitors at the show because it rewards sonic excellence that separates the men from the boys! We are proud […]

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    Dynamic Design AV wins Audio Oasis Award!

    Dynamic Design AV is extremely proud to receive this PFO Audio Oasis award for Axpona 2016. We are thankful to Dr. David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, of PFO for recognizing the great sound in our room and acknowledging the contribution of Dynamic Design AV and all the parties in the room! We’re also thankful to Doug White […]