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Titania PC Wins 2023 Most Wanted Components!

The Titania GS Power Cord wins the coveted “2023 Most Wanted Components” award from the premium audio magazine! Senior reviewer Mike Wright had this to say in bestowing the award to the Titania GS power cord:

Dynamic Design Titania GS Power Cords ($3,500/1.5 Meter): In as much as cables are a personal taste, I have consistently felt that Olu Sonuga’s Dynamic Design cables are some of the best cables available despite spending time with some of the pricier European cables that seem to enjoy a following here in the US. Olu sent me some of his Titania GS power cords to try on my Bully Sound Company m100 and VAC Signature iQ mono-amps. I mentioned to him that these seemed heavier than the Titania GS power cords I had encountered, and he replied that there had been some trickle-down improvements. My amplifiers have never sounded better. By better, I include the time I spent with the Hemingway Z-Core Beta power cable. Every aspect in which I evaluate music was improved across the board; specifically, the bass performance, which was already good, had greater fullness and extension, with many more rumbles and room rattling that caused one to ask, “Oh darn. Where did that come from?” Some of the other noted improvements are greater dimensionality, stage parameters, air, dynamics, and tonality.” (Mike Wright)

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