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First Review of Constellation Series PCs Is Up!

Stereo Times’ Mike Wright reviews the new 2025 Constellation VE power cords, the review puts the Constellation VE analog power cord and the Voyager VE Digital Power cord through their paces! These all-new power cords replace the Lotus GS and Spirit GS power cords respectively in the Dynamic Design Line of cables. Both power cords feature new design elements that deliver much better performance compared to the Lotus GS power cords. New and better performing metallurgy, insulation systems, shielding technologies and 3D printed AC connectors raise the performance bar in a non-subtle way over the Lotus GS Series power cords!

The improvements manifest an elevated 3D soundstage rendering that belies the affordable prices of both power cords! The Constellation VE power cord is available with 15-amp or 20-amp terminations while the Voyager VE digital power cord is available with 15-amp terminations only. Both power cords are currently available at major introductory savings for a limited time!

See full review here.