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Challenger AE15 DPC Delivers

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Dave Clark, Editor for Positive Feedback Online writes about his experience with the Dynamic Design AV Challenger AE15 Digital power cord in his ultra-revealing system. Dave, as many others have, proclaimed the Challenger AE15 Digital power cord “…one of the best cords I have ever used… period.” It continues to blow away all that have heard it on digital gear, establishing itself as the “go to” power cord for unleashing the true potential of digital recordings!

This award-winning, digital only, power cord delivers awe-inspiring performance on digital gear starting with unparalleled clarity, speed, power and, retrieval of spatial information from digitally recorded media. All recorded information is rendered in full relief, transporting the listener to the original recorded event. From its advanced, cutting-edge, multi-layer dielectrics and resonance dampening technology to its unprecedented shielding coverage and efficiency, it delivers an ultra-low noise floor, bringing favorite recordings to life.

The Challenger AE15 DPC was able to elevate the performance of Dave’s system to such a great degree that he wished he had more of it in his system! Every single digital component will benefit with the addition of the Challenger AE15 DPC into the mix, recordings will emanate from an ultra-quiet background, revealing all the glorious details that other power cords skim over!



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Dynamic Design AV wins Audio Oasis Award!


Dynamic Design AV is extremely proud to receive this PFO Audio Oasis award for Axpona 2016. We are thankful to Dr. David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, of PFO for recognizing the great sound in our room and acknowledging the contribution of Dynamic Design AV and all the parties in the room! We’re also thankful to Doug White of TVTI, our host, for his generosity and confidence in our ability to deliver outstanding performance in such a great, well thought out system! We will always cherish this award and use it as motivation to continue to deliver cutting edge performance in our products.

The system featured our new Neutron SW16 Digital power cord on the Bricasti DAC, the new Heritage AE15 speaker cables on the Tidal Agoria speakers and, the Challenger AE15 Digital power cord on the the Aurender W20 music server. The new Neutron SW16 Digital power cord slots above the Challenger AE15 Digital power cord in our Heritage series. It features bigger high purity silver and copper conductors than the Challenger AE15 plus a new geometric lay of the conductors that reduces coupling capacitance in the cable and, our flagship Dynamic Shielding technology. All these result in better performance overall with a lower noise floor, better density of image, better extension at frequency extremes and; powerful, explosive dynamics. The new Heritage AE15 speaker cables utilize our ultra-low loss MLIS insulation system over specially arrayed high purity conductors and our Dynamic Shielding technology. They deliver a totally open and see thru performance coupled with discreet soundstage mapping that transport the listener to the original recording venue!

The sound in the room was extremely relaxed and inviting, the soundstage size and the placement of instruments were stunningly precise and airy. Instrumental timbres were realistic and tactile rendering images with incredible “reach out and touch them” sensation! Low end power and dynamics were ultra-fast and impactful lending a solidity to the proceedings that anchored images to their own space within the well lit soundstage!

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2016 Axpona Show

2016 Axpona w/TVTI, Tidal, Aurender, Bricasti and Stillpoints. The system featured our new Neutron SW16 Digital power cord ($7500/1.5M) on the Bricasti M10 SP DAC($9995), the Challenger AE15 Digital power cord ($4000/1.5M) on the Aurender W20 ($17,600)and the new Heritage AE15 speaker cable ($10,000/2.5M) on the Tidal Agorias ($109,900/pr). This was the first showing for new Neutron SW16 Digital power cord and the Heritage AE15 speaker cables, both will be featured again at the upcoming Newport Beach Show as part of a full Heritage cable system.

The sound in the room was one of the best I have ever experienced at a show despite being in a smallish hotel room with minimal room treatment! The sound was, at once, super transparent, utterly open with incredible rendering of recorded acoustic space, powerful, extended and fast! The midrange was stunningly natural and relaxed with wonderful textures and hues that really lent the music a realistic perspective that is the “holy grail” of hi-end audio! It was with a great sense of loss that we tore the system down, it was truly a magical experience!

Many thanks and congrats to our gracious host Doug White of TVTI!!!

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Neutron SW16 Digital Power Cord is Here!

neutron sw16 power cables

We’re proud to introduce the new Neutron SW16 Digital power cord, supplanting the renowned Challenger AE15 Digital power cord as the flagship of the Heritage series. The Neutron SW16 has been in development for about three years and represents a paradigm shift from all other Dynamic Design digital power cords that came before it!

The Neutron SW16 materials and processes are without peer, pushing it to the pinnacle of digital power cords! With SOTA design and build, the Neutron SW16’s insulation, conductors and, shielding represent a profound advancement from what is available today:


Insulation: Cable insulation should be terrible conductors of electrical signals; the worse they are as conductors the better the cable performance. Storing and the subsequent releasing of the signal create distortions that adversely affect the performance of a cable. The air impregnated, multi-layer film type insulation system in the Neutron SW16 delivers a charge storage of just a mere 0.3 more than a perfect vacuum. This results in a velocity of propagation of 95% the speed of light, reducing signal smearing to a minimum with superb phase linearity and stunning clarity!

Shielding: The pervasiveness of noise around today’s audio systems demand a full commitment to protecting the audio signal, by designing efficient and effective shields. Mere twisting of conductors regardless of geometries is not adequate to protect from the myriad and complex types of noise bombarding our systems. The Neutron SW16 features a special twisting geometry and multiple shield types that are layered in a proprietary sequence to deliver ultra wide-bandwidth protection well into the gigahertz range. This results in 100% shield coverage, over -95db shielding effectiveness and ultra-fast propagation speed!

Conductors: The Neutron SW16 utilizes massive 99.9999% high purity copper and silver stranded conductors that are specially treated to maximize conductivity and power handling. The conductors are twisted in a complex and intricate array ensuring maximum isolation from crosstalk and reduced coupling capacitance.


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Stereo Times Reviews the Ariel AE15!

The review is in for the new Ariel AE15 Digital powe

r cord! Bill Wells of Stereo Times rediscovers his favorite recordings with the Ariel AE15 Digital power cord “captur[ing] important musical cues (and nuances) contained in your favorite recordings that you were unaware of previously”.

The Ariel AE15 Digital power cord features the same technologies showcased in the more expensive, award-winning VLT Nebula and Challenger AE15 Digital power cords. It sports Dynamic Design’s flagship technologies that reveal micro-details contained in favorite recordings to create as closely as possible a strong facsimile of live instruments within an expansive multi-layered soundstage that lives and breathes!

Read Bill Well’s full review here.

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Welcome “The Voice that is”

Dynamic Design AV is proud and lucky to welcome “The Voice that is” to our family of discerning dealers, TVTI , out of Newtown Square, PA, serving the Philadelphia, PA suburbs and the Tri-state area, represent our ideals and philosophies of products that work well together to heighten the music lovers’ listening experience by removing all impediments between them and the music! TVTI believes in one-on-one relationships that cater to the client’s needs and fulfill their dreams! TVTI clients are treated with the utmost respect and understanding befitting such a noble pursuit that is high-end audio!


Visit “The Voice That Is” Site

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Titania AE15 Debuts at 2015 RMAF

“I’m always in awe of the fact I cannot detect nothing but music that comes by way of the Daedalus Ulysses V.2 ($16k) multi-driver loudspeaker. Like the Legacy Audio speakers, I just have a problem staring at multiple drivers thinking I can hear something out of sorts. But I cannot and am not ashamed to admit it. In fact, the Daedalus sound as sensitive to the soft passages of a song as they do when recreating loud dynamic shifts. This was my first time hearing the Purity Audio Design Reference pre and PSE300 mono amp combo ($15k/$22k) sourced through a Modwright Elyse DAC ($7k) using a modified Oppo 105D CD player. The system was wired with Dynamic Design‘s new [Titania AE15] series cables throughout and our own Bill Wells was quite impressed by the performance of their AC cords ($2,500 – review forthcoming). I left this suite very impressed by the overall ease and delicate flow of the music and the choice of the music selection as well. There’s no denying that there exists a synergy these components provide that even some loftier priced systems here at the show could not match.”

Clement Perry, Founder/Publisher Stereo Times


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Dynamic Design gets Best Sound Award at RMAF!

Audio Circle’s Pez and Tyson select room 422 at the 2015 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest as one of the best sounding of the show! We thank them for this great honor and applaud the efforts and teamwork of all the partners in the room making this possible!

The room featured Daedalus speakers & Accessories, Dynamic Design cabling, ModWright sources, Purity Audio amplification and AnnaLyric power conditioning. Dynamic Design’s Titania AE15 cables delivered incredible performance hooked up to all the gear in the room, allowing them to speak in one voice. the new Ariel AE15 Digital power cords on all digital gear, Titania AE15 power cords on all the rest and, interconnects & speaker cables were also Titania AE15 series!

See coverage here

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New Ariel AE15 Digital Power Cord!

Digital Power Cables

Dynamic Design’s Titania series new Ariel AE15 Digital power cord is put through its paces by Bill Wells of Stereotimes in an upcoming review. Bill was amazed at what Dynamic Design’s new Ariel AE15 Digital power cord brought to bear in his system! According to Bill Wells, the Ariel AE15 Digital power cord unleashed an incredulous amount of hidden information transforming old recordings into a journey of new discovery! 

The Ariel AE15 Digital power cord is specially designed for digital products and features our flagship Dynamic Shielding technology that reduces system noise dramatically, revealing all the recorded nuances previously obstructed by noise in your favorite recordings! Look for the full review, coming soon, right here and at! 

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Dynamic Design Scaling the Heights at the 2015 RMAF

We just returned from the 2015 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF), the room featured our new Dynamic Design Titania Series cables; Daedalus Audio Ulysses speakers and racks; Purity Audio Reference preamp and PSE300B Ultra monoblocs; ModWright Insruments Elyse DAC, PH150 Phono stage and a modded Oppo 105D; and AnnaLyric Systems AC-8 conditioner and USB-1 cable.

The sound in the room was open and dynamic with a flowing discreetly layered soundstage!

Awesome shot of recording Artist Fiona Joy, Neil Gader of TAS, Cookie Marenco of Blue Coast Records and, the eminent Doug White!
Awesome shot of recording Artist Fiona Joy, Neil Gader of TAS, Cookie Marenco of Blue Coast Records and, the eminent Doug White!
Joe Jurzec, Fiona Joy and Neil Gader of TAS
Joe Jurzec, Fiona Joy and Neil Gader of TAS
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New Asian Distributor

Sinoweiss logo

Dynamic Design AV is excited to introduce Sinoweiss as our new distributor for mainland China, Hong Kong and, Macau, Sinoweiss brings vast resources to bear in our expansion into the underserved Asian market. At Dynamic Design we believe strongly in our customers having access to our products as well as local support that serves to further our customers’ satisfaction regardless of their needs!

More information is available here: sinoweiss Press Release.

Visit the Sinoweiss site here.

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2015 THE Show Newport Beach

The 2015 Newport Beach show has come and gone but we’re still feeling the glow from all the great & generous coverage and awards our room received from Jason Serinus of Stereophile, Jim Hannon of The Absolute sound, Dave Clark & Dr. David Robinson of Positive-Feedback Online, Peter Breuninger of AVS Showrooms and others!




Show Award Newport 2015
Show Award Newport 2015